Having a smooth talk implies ease of speaking. Someone with this characteristic is, therefore, an eloquent person, who dominates language, with a fluent and convincing speech, with the ability to persuade others through their words. Having this ability is useful in many areas of life. It can be used to seduce someone, sell better, get a job and, finally, to communicate a good image of oneself.

For those who have problems, flaws are another advantage to take advantage of. Whether short, bald, overweight, far from the model of beauty… there are people and characters who demonstrate how to turn all of that into an attractive advantage. Confidence, good humor, intelligence, culture, practicality, good manners are just some of the things that will not go away with time, like hair or a flat stomach.

There are professions that require this feature. The lawyer has to persuade with technically valid arguments and, above all, with his ability to convey ideas and emotions. Something very similar happens with the politician, who needs his way of connecting with potential voters. When the politician addresses the masses telling them what they want to hear, he is said to be a populist and when he uses partially true arguments, he is said to be a demagogue. Therefore, demagoguery and populism are directly related to the form of the politician.

Sometimes it is mistaken to have a lip service speaking well of oneself and nothing more. Behaving like a peacock doesn’t appeal: Confidence is seductive, but a big ego is scary, especially when it’s the only topic of conversation you have. Some people may be interested in his apartment, his expensive car, whether he has a yacht or not, but to others that sounds like “look how high my price is, I’m looking for a matching trophy woman/man”.

It’s important to have on mind; Three keywords: context, context, context. Who knows how to do it, knows that the environment and the context are very important when it comes to showing its charms. The same language will never be used in a work environment like at a singles party for example. Plus, he has a decent repertoire of words, and he knows what they mean.