Keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea, caused by a bacterial infection in it, generally said infection is caused by the use of contact lenses or some direct injury to the eye, it is characterized by causing quite intense pain in the affected area, in addition to sensitivity to light rays, secretion of tears and decreased vision, the bacteria responsible for producing the infection is Staphylococcus Aureus.

This infection can be divided into two types, deep and superficial keratitis, the latter causes infection in the epithelial tissue of the cornea and in turn is subdivided into filamentous keratitis, so called because small filaments join a part of the surface of the cornea, causing the sensation of having a foreign body in the eye. In second place is dotted keratitis, which is the most common of all, characterized by lesions in different areas of the cornea. The last of the superficial keratitis is ulcerative, whose main characteristic is the formation of an ulcer on the surface of the cornea. Finally, there is deep keratitis that can reach higher levels of infection because the infection penetrates other tissues.

To identify keratitis, the symptoms with which it is characterized must be known, among the main ones we can mention the sudden and strong pain in the eye, spontaneous and constant tear secretions, ultra-sensitivity to light rays and it is greatly reduced. measure the vision, the most recommended in case of presenting the symptoms is to go to the ophthalmologist, since if this infection is not treated in time it can cause the total loss of vision.

The main causes that usually generate keratitis are direct injuries to the eye, which may be an object that has penetrated the surface of the cornea, facilitating access for bacteria in the eye, the use of contact lenses that are contaminated by bacteria, parasites or fungi that live on the surface of the lens and that when in contact with the eye cause infection, viruses such as those that cause herpes and chlamydia can also be factors that generate keratitis.