They are the set of techniques and movements found in the different Japanese martial arts, which are defined by the use of swords. The teaching methods vary according to the combat sport that is practiced, since, in those that are melee, the use of weapons is somewhat less important and only individuals who have a high rank can have access to knowledge. of this art.

Since the beginning of the combats, surrounded by an artistic atmosphere, in several Asian countries, the use of white weapons was one of the most important complements for the area, especially because, in the first confrontations, the participating individuals used different objects. and the rhythm of the battle is changed, so learning this was very important. These movements were born in India and China, countries in which martial arts similar to those that were later created in Japan were developed.

Most of those who know this sport almost perfectly have reported that techniques are still being used that have been prohibited in most of the current combat styles, which can cause serious injuries and even death, because they are applied in areas such as the arteries, the groin and the heart. In addition to this, the katana, a popular Japanese sword, has been considered the basis of all kata practices. However, the term is also related to movements within martial sports such as karate and judo.