The Kama Sutra is one of the oldest sexual books in the world, it is a Hindu text that talks about the sexual behavior of human beings. The etymological origin of the word is not very well known, but it is a compound phrase meaning Kama “sexual pleasure” and Sutra “thread, short phrase”.

This ancient book that talks about love was written by Vatsiaiana and the full name is Vātsyāyana kāma sūtra which means “Vatsiaiana’s aphorisms on sexuality”. It is estimated that it was made between 240 and 550 AD

Vatsiaiana thought that there are eight basic ways to make love and each one with a main position. This book contains a total of 64 arts, this is how the author called the way of making love with its respective position. There is a very common mistake among people who believe that the Kama Sutra is the whole book and it is not, it is only the best known chapter due to the arts found there. The text points out that making love is more than just a sexual encounter, because it is the encounter between two bodies in order to discover the most sensitive points of the couple with the sole purpose of feeling pleasure.

As previously mentioned, the Kama Sutra is not only made up of the positions part, but also offers advice on how to be a better citizen and the behavior of the couple. Also, the book points out that sex is a “divine union” and that it was not a bad thing. The Kama Sutra has helped many people around the world to fully enjoy sex.

There have been thousands of translations of this book, but the famous one is that of Sir Richard Francis Burton, dating from 1883. Another important translation is that of Indra Sinha, made in the 1970s.