Kalashnikov or in Russian «Калáшников» is the surname of Mikhail Kalashnikov, a brilliant Russian military man born in 1919 who had an approach with mechanics and engines in his youth, however, after participating in the construction of a railway that connected the countries of Turkestan and Siberia enlisted in the Soviet Red Army, directly venturing into the manufacture and design of accessories for automobiles, thus becoming one of the most renowned weapons designers in the world in WWII Today, his greatest invention the AK-47 is the most popular assault rifle in the world, with a distribution of more than one billion units in more than 50 countries.

The AK-47 known as Kalashnikov in Spanish and English-speaking countries is a large-scale assault rifle (approx. 4.3 kg unloaded weight), 7.62 mm in caliber and named in the middle of the Second World War as the official rifle of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). The history of the AK-47 (Avtomat Kaláshnikova model 1947) begins with the need for a fast, easy-to-use weapon with little chance of jamming, as in wartime this was a more common problem than is believed. The AK-47 during the more than 60 years of service that it has has been restructured and redesigned more than 20 times, there are even “Sports versions” that use other types of ammunition, the most common are those of 7.62 x 39, in removable, curved, 30-round magazines; compatible with the curved 40-round magazine of the RPK 75-round drum, meanwhile, the reloading system was gas-based, allowing for adequate ammunition change quickly.

The Kalashnikov marked a before and after in many wars, it was even chosen by the countries that signed the Warsaw Pact in the middle of the Cold War as an official assault rifle, in addition to this, the other manufacturers relied on the various models of this weapon that went out to the public. Today, many countries source these types of weapons assembled in Russia for their armies. Venezuela, a country in Latin America, is one of the main ones in the Russian arms field and the main product they exchange for oil and other goods is Kalashnikov.