Judo is a combat sport, which is based on knocking down or projecting the opponent against the floor, this is usually put into practice on a tatami (surface that cushions the falls of the fighters), the clothing that is usually used is called ” Judogi” which is quite resistant to scratches and pulls, this sport is quite demanding and therefore it is necessary to carry out both physical (technical and tactical) and psychological preparation so that the athlete can meet its demands.

This sport is one of the martial arts with the largest number of followers in the world. It was created in 1882 by the martial arts master Jigorō Kanō, thanks to a mix between the tactics and techniques of Tenjun Shin’ yō-ryū and Kitō-ryū, two of the oldest combat modalities of Japanese Jiujitso, these two modalities of hand-to-hand fighting were put into practice by the ancient samurai in battles until the end of the 13th century and the beginning of the 19th century, later it was possible to unify both techniques in a single school modality, eventually having its own school, the Kodokan. As a result of Judo, the current modalities of Brazilian, American and European Jiujitso have emerged, as well as sambo that comes from Russia, nihon taijutsu and Krav magá.

Since its inception it has been characterized as a sport of inclusion, since it was practiced by both men and women. In 1964 it was admitted as an Olympic sport and is currently the second most practiced sport in the world, only surpassed by soccer.

It is considered that it is a sport with a high educational level and that it serves as a tool for socializing, since its practice from an early age serves as an exceptional technique to educate children both in the physical aspect, as well as in the social aspect, since it is in charge of emphasizing values, respecting all people as equals, discipline when carrying out any type of activity, self-control, effort and the desire to improve based on the effort made by those who practice them, are some of the elements that judo helps to reinforce.