Joy – etymology, and meaning

Joy is a term that formed from French “joie”, coming from the Latin “gaudium” – “gaudere“, or “to rejoice”.  Joy, as well as anger or fear, are emotions that human beings experience. It is a subjective feeling, which makes the person feel a pleasant sensation. When someone feels joy, we can perceive it immediately through facial expressions.

A joyful person is always full of optimism, looks more energetic and usually tries not to affect problems so much. Joy can be caused by certain stimuli, for example if someone is sad or in a bad mood and suddenly receives good news, they will immediately react positively. When we manage to get the job we wanted so much, when we fall in love, when we have a child, in short, there are countless reasons why we feel joy.

Everyone should choose joy as a way of life. If everyone does things with joy, with enthusiasm, everything will turn out better and therefore success will is easier to achieve. Everything depends on the attitude adopted.

It is interesting to know that joy has always been associated with some colors: for example yellow that represents the sun, orange and light red symbolizing happiness, love, etc. To live a joyful life we need to surround ourselves with joyful details. Houses should always be decorated with bright, cheerful colors like the ones we mentioned before, since these colors are like magnets to attract positivity. In the same line, people should be dressed more often with colors that reflect joy. As a perception, it is the opposite of joy, when seeing a person dressed in black all the time.