The term jíbaro is commonly used in the nation of Puerto Rico to refer to the peasants who live in humble rural areas in the mountains of this country; This term originated in the Taíno culture of India and means “people who come from the mountains” and was adopted by the Puerto Rican inhabitants; This word was born approximately in the 16th century in pre-Columbian times, under the fusion of cultures that existed due to the European conquest in the mountains of the central region of Puerto Rico.

However, the use of this term was modified over time, in modern times now the word Jíbaro means a positive comment since it is associated with the pride of being faithful to the culture of Puerto Rico, in turn means a hardworking, independent, wise person who knows how to deal with deplorable situations in life; Colloquially then we could say that this word represents the roots of the Puerto Rican people, symbolizing their traditions and values ​​of the homeland with their family.

In other nations of the world, for its part, it has a more insulting and negative meaning such as: ignorant or person without any type of acquired study, in turn also in Colombia the drug trafficker is known as “jíbaro”, such as cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine. , heroin, morphine, LCD, ecstasy, crypi, stone or any other substance of illegal consumption because it is harmful to health.