It is a word that comes from the English language, whose main reference is found in the plane that is smaller in proportions and has better capabilities than the common commercial plane. The engines it uses are reaction engines, that is, it fires a gas or liquid, with force and in large quantities, to generate an impulse that will take it off. For this reason it is also known as a jet aircraft. One of the most outstanding characteristics of this type of aerial vehicle is the maneuverability and the range that it could achieve in a short time, reaching intercontinental trips in less time than common aircraft.

However, jet also refers to a jet of matter that appears in outer space, obtaining this name because “jet”, translated from English, is “jet”. They are mostly particles that are not included in the process of formation of new stars, so they move at very high speeds and grow until they become large alignments that move through the galaxy.

Jet lag, on the other hand, is a sleep disorder that occurs when traveling to an area of ​​the planet that has a different time zone than the one previously, so a series of symptoms are experienced that affect the body of mild form, but are bothersome to the individual experiencing them. The jet ski is the name given to a certain type of water vehicle, characterized by being similar to a motorcycle.