Jazz is a musical genre that emerged in the late 19th century in the United States and immediately spread throughout the world throughout the 20th century. Among his salient features is his improvisation and the very marked rhythm that he presents. This musical current, especially identified with the black race, has had a constant assimilation of other musical trends, even the strangest, and has also mixed with other genres, generating other very popular musical currents such as rock and roll and that later evolved from independently To jazz.

In the first years of its appearance its name varied between the following; Jaz, jas, jasz and jascz, while regarding the origin of the term there are no certainties either, since some indicate that it comes from Africa, others from the Arab world and others say that it belongs to vaudeville. Even the term has been linked to sexual intercourse in American slang.

The first jazz record was recorded in 1917 in New York by the original Dixeland band, considered the pioneer formation when it came to spreading jazz on a mass level.

Thus, the fundamental characteristic of this type of genre is the interpretation of the performances without reading the score, that is, improvisation is the basis and the reason for being of jazz. In jazz, improvisation supposes that the interpreter in question freely recreates the subject in each performance based on a certain harmonious structure, that is, in jazz music falls more on who performs than on who composes. Meanwhile, it has been this question of improvisation that, on the one hand, has substantially differentiated jazz from other musical styles, such as classical music, and has also caused it to move away from a massive commercial presence.

Traditionally, jazz is performed through musical formations in which a single instrument accompanied by a rhythm section and some harmonic instrument stand out. The same can be variable, that is, from soloists without any accompaniment, through trios, quartets and the so-called Big Bands.

Some of its most outstanding artists have been: Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet, Buddy Bolden, King Oliver.