It is a plan or map where the possible routes or places where one is going to pass on a trip are described, it is used to reach a destination and established indicated with the perspective of a good time of arrival, very commonly in vacation trips organized with the purpose of finding the places and places to rest, the distances from the hotels or to be on time and it is necessary to change or transfer transport such as in stopover flights of planes, trains or buses or in boats when docking in the islands to which they visit, trying to take a relative guide to the places they want to visit so that the time between the guided visits is enough.

In student matters, a study itinerary is used for some subjects to establish the content to see or the deliveries of works and notes, in assemblies or exhibitions to know about the different topics and the exponents together with the time spaces for lunch and the respective break. In companies they use it to be able to keep an agenda and scheduled trips for workers, but the most normal thing can be found as an itinerary is at airports when you see the embarkation and disembarkation list on the information screens, there you can see the itineraries of the different flights and if they are on time or delayed or if they are properly cancelled. It is a word derived from ancient Rome in ancient Latin Itinerarium which were used to trace routes and roads on maps, which the most important so far mentioned in the document of Antonio Augusto Caracalla, which is said to contain an extensive compilation from the time of the Roman Empire, where you can see the mansions or military houses and other ways to get to them.