Etymologically, the word rubro comes from the Latin “rubrus” which means “red” “originally written in red” or “title”. Morphologically speaking, this term is masculine and syntactically it is a noun; the dictionary of the real spanish academy exposes the word rubro as an adjective to refer to incarnated or red. But on the other hand, it is known as an item, in commerce, the group of consumer items that have a particularity among themselves, or that are related thanks to an activity in itself. For this reason, in a general sense, category can be defined as that category that serves to gather or gather within it, certain activities or objects that share one or more characteristics. The most common uses of this word lie in the commercial field and in the classifieds of a newspaper; although it can be used in other areas.

When talking about the category in relation to the classifieds, it refers to each part or section where these sectors or advertisements are ordered, an example of this is when we find certain advertisements of a different nature in magazines and newspapers, called classifieds; that they contain different writings of offers, needs, notices, among others, on different topics such as jobs, to be offered or offered, of any kind; purchase and sale of vehicles, houses, articles of different types, rentals, health, etc.

Heading, it can also refer to a label or title to which something is put. And in Argentina category can mean that group of companies that are part of an area or zone that differs within the economic activity.