It hurts humanity

It is all that abuse, torture or humiliation against people, “Lesa” means offense so when placing it with the term humanity, it means offense, damage to humanity. In universal history, they have shown us that in each era, in each moment that has transcended time, there have been crimes and attacks against millions of people, the reasons are diverse, religious, cultural, even demographic, the important thing is that Whoever commits a crime against humanity is committing one of the most severe crimes that has ever existed in society.

Crimes against humanity have been committed in the world in the name of many trends, the most popular have been those for mandates or religious and extreme issues. The hermeticism of some divine beliefs was punished with death and torture in all its forms. In fact, the punishments imposed on women in Eastern culture are considered by Western society as a crime of this type that in international courts would be punished with life imprisonment, however, due to the incompatibility of traditions and the way of life they have is kept in a certain way “isolated” from the rest of the world.

It is also common to see how political personalities in the world are judged for crimes against humanity committed under their mandate. Many presidents, including some Latin Americans, have been tried for being the intellectual authors of acts of torture, murder and political persecution for the simple fact of sharing an ideal or political belief. Crimes against humanity are an accentuated evil in the contemporary history of the world , with flashing points on the timeline through world wars and between countries that have consumed today’s society.

Today drug trafficking, paramilitary guerrillas and corrupt governments commit all kinds of humiliations and attacks among their peers or among themselves. Despite the fact that there are laws that address these cases, even at the level of organizations that seek peace between countries such as the UN, cases of severe damage against the people of the world continue to be reported.