Colloquial language, intuition is used as a synonym for premonition (having the feeling that something is going to happen or guessing something before it happens): “Let’s better get out of here; My intuition tells me that there is something suspicious about these people”, “Daughter, remember that, beyond all the advice I can give you, you always have to listen to your intuition”.

Intuition is a faculty by which everything is understood instantly; this is considered a thought process in which there is no need for logical reasoning. On a philosophical and epistemological level, it is a concept that belongs to the theory of knowledge that states that intuition is related to immediate, direct and self-evident knowledge and therefore does not require any kind of deduction.

Intuition in short, is linked to sudden reactions or sensations rather than elaborate and abstract thoughts. It is important to note that science does not support intuition being compared to a paranormal or magical experience; He always tries to justify those issues that we cannot explain as the product of mental processes that are not accessed through consciousness and promises that, one day, in the not too distant future, he will find the exact reasons for such phenomena.

Some scholars of the paranormal, such as psychics and parapsychologists, claim that we are in constant communication with a large number of spirits, both beings we come to know and others who died long before our birth. They say that these souls have a purpose, that they stay among us to resolve issues that they have left unresolved during their lives, and that many of them help us, even when we are not aware of it. According to this theory, intuition could simply be the reception of a message from beyond.

An intuition is the first thought that comes into our head when we are about to make a decision. They are sudden reactions.

Recognizing that intuition is often right is difficult, since we are not used to our thoughts being objective, but surely it must have happened to a large number of people who at some point decided to change your actions just because of an idea of ​​your thought without a logic reasoning. Well, in that case, it was intuition that made you change course for the better. To learn to listen to the voice of intuition, it is necessary to be able to silence the other voices, the ones that will sound when the motor of our brain starts to work, because the first one will sound for only a second and then it will disappear. You can practice this with various meditation techniques.