The word international is born from the prefix called inter, which has a synonym related to “between”, it also has the word “natio” which means “nation” and, finally, the suffix “al”, which means belonging. With this you can refer to the fact that it is international without the need to name a country, since it refers to a number of territories, people and even companies. If conceptualized from a generic point of view, it relates to two and even more countries or nations. The word can be used in different contexts, for example to refer to international treaties.

what is international

As mentioned before, this word is generally used to name the different organizations of the different countries of the world. It is also possible to define it as other nations different from the native one, or from the news that happens outside the native country, for example, when an individual is from the United States and sees in the newspaper, news from the countries of Europe or Latin America, All of this is international in nature. The word is used, as was said in the previous section, in sports, politics, beauty, commerce, economics, etc.

If the focus of the word is directed to a person, it means that this subject is representing his country or nation in situations or events between different nations, for example, singing contests, tournaments, sports competitions, etc.

On the other hand, this term is widely used in political issues such as international summits held by the different institutions that support a number of nations, whether to keep cultures alive, talk about human rights, hold conversations that have to do with governments of the member countries of these organizations and the sanctions that can be applied in case of non-compliance with the rules.

What is international trade

This type of trade refers to the industry of goods and services that corresponds to each country separately, but through international organizations agreements and marketing treaties are achieved between them, for this reason it is also known as world trade.

Within it enters what is known as the free economy, basically due to the need to carry out transactions through various currencies, since it has the participation of countries from several continents, it also covers the issue of importing and exporting products. .

What is the international monetary fund

It is an organization whose headquarters are located in Washington DC, its focus is totally financial and it was created with the purpose of estimating, protecting and guaranteeing that the economy of the nations had complete stability during and after what was the Second World War. .

Currently this monetary fund has been severely criticized due to the main countries that control or direct it, since they are nothing more than developed countries that contribute ideas that, according to critics, only favor them, leaving aside the essence of what it is the international monetary fund and its true purpose.

What is the international chamber of commerce

It is an organization created in 1919 in France, which has the participation of more than 100 countries in the world and is responsible for ensuring and protecting the proper functioning of international trade treaties.

In the same way, it establishes norms and promotes and encourages trade between countries, in addition to the provision of services to the various companies that are part of them, in general, support in the resolution of conflicts through the International Court of Arbitration.

What is the international system of units?

International -International Units of Measurement

These are references or data from different nations whose main indicators are the measurement instruments, these are used to concatenate the comparisons of the international nations in an uninterrupted manner. Physical phenomena are part of the main or fundamental characteristics of this international system, in fact, it is what gives it meaning.

The meter, second, kelvin, candela, kilogram, mole and ampere are the 7 basic units that define what the international system of units consists of. Without them, there would be no talk of SI. However, there are also an unlimited number of units derived from these.

International Women’s Day

This day is a special commemoration of women around the world, of the struggle they have had to carry out for many years and their work to try to maintain equality between women and men.

Women’s Day is March 8 of each year and its celebration came into effect in 1975 by the United Nations, however, the first time this day was celebrated was in Europe in 1911, in fact , it was from there that women began to have a leading role in favor of equality.

Other international days

Women’s Day is not the only date that is celebrated in different countries of the world, there are also the birthdays of the liberators of Latin America or the commemorative days of diseases or their cures. For example, there is the world day of the fight against AIDS, which is celebrated on the date of December 1.

On the other hand, there is the youth day, an event that is celebrated every August 12 of each year. World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8 and refers to the care of the sea and its non-pollution.

Other examples

Here not only other holidays that are of great importance in the world are mentioned, but also other imperative aspects that are usually related to the international term. These may have different approaches, objectives and modes of employment, however, they have something in common and that is the participation of more countries.

What can serve as other examples of the international word are its uses and the meanings that it may have according to the context, since it must be remembered that these have wide uses and, like everything else, some limitations that, although they regulate it, also they make it unique.

International Airport

It is a building specially conditioned as an immigration and customs facility, in this way, users can carry out trips to other countries, precisely for this reason it is called international, because the destination of individuals beyond the territorial limits of a certain nation.

However, this does not mean that it is limited to making only international flights, it is possible that it is also in charge of commanding national trips, so the concept does not have a stipulated limitation. These facilities are usually very large.

International Amnesty

It is one of the largest global movements, it was created so that the human rights of all the nations of the world were not only respected, but also considered supraconstitutional, that is, that their application and importance is above the Magna Carta. of the different countries that are part of the international treaties that address this amnesty.

In its beginnings, more than 150 countries took international amnesty as the main movement, currently there are around 7 million supporters who are against the mistreatment of people and who prioritize the right to life.

International Monetary Fund

As mentioned before, this is a financial institution that was created to safeguard and stabilize the economy of the nations belonging to the fund during the second world war.

In principle, this fund has a series of international grants that not only give it power, but also a certain limit. The financial resources are sponsored by the international monetary fund only in case the member countries are going through an economic situation of great emergency. The consequence of this is a large foreign debt that must be paid within a stipulated period.

International News

Throughout this definition it is spoken that the word international carries two or more nations different from the country of origin. The international news is exactly the same, but with different approaches. These are events or happenings that have a place in different countries of the world on different topics, these can be fashion, sports, politics, gastronomy, music, beauty pageants, celebrities, art and even literature.

The news keeps everyone informed, no matter if it is national or from other nations, in the end, what matters is that the information reaches all individuals.

International Court of Justice

International - International Court of Justice

Also called the international court of justice, it is a judicial institution that is responsible for settling and resolving controversies and conflicts that arise in the member countries of the United Nations.

Its decisions are made through sentences and thanks to this international court of justice, sanctions can also be carried out on countries that fail to comply with the special clauses of international treaties or of the contracts of the international federations, organizations and institutions to which they are members. The official language of this court is English and French, the jurisprudence can be considered to make decisions.

International treaty

It consists of the creation of agreements internationally, which can be between nations or between nations and international organizations, it is not only about agreements from the economic point of view, it also represents other areas such as cultural, social, military, among others. On the other hand, currently the countries that carry out this type of treaty most frequently are developing countries, due to their need to expand their economy.

Most of these agreements are created under the representation of the Vienna Convention. Among the rules that must be met by the signatories are:

  • They must have legal capacity.
  • They must have a will.
  • There must be object and cause.
  • The corresponding formalities and protocols must be complied with.

Frequently Asked Questions about International

What is called international?

In general, the term is used to describe some type of agreement, treaty or agreement between two or more countries, however, it is also used to refer to products, customs or anything that is typical of a country other than the one in which it is inhabited.

Which continents are absent from international trade?

At present, the only continent that does not belong to any type of treaty related to international trade is Antarctica, in principle due to its small population and whose objectives are more scientific.

What is the international system of units for?

It was created by the international committee of weights and measures located in France, in order to establish a single unit of measure for each case worldwide and facilitate understanding between the various countries.

Why is International Women’s Day celebrated?

It is celebrated as a commemoration of the social struggle carried out by women for decades claiming their rights of equality and respect. It was made official by the United Nations in 1945.

What is the international trade career about?

The graduate in international trade has the ability to contribute to commercial, political, cultural and social development worldwide, as well as the management of relations between countries and organizations.