International treaty

An international treaty is a kind of agreement between two or more nations, or between a state and an international organization, where those involved acquire a commitment to comply with certain obligations. The most usual thing is that these treaties are concluded between nations, these being regulated by the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969. However, they can also occur between a nation and an international organization, in this case, the regulation is in charge of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties between States and International Organizations or between International Organizations of 1986.

These agreements help facilitate all kinds of relations between nations: economic, political, social, cultural, military, etc. Thanks to these agreements they favor each other reciprocally, forming bonds that in the end, will benefit the signatories and therefore the inhabitants of each nation. The most common are those related to the economy, referring to the import and export of all kinds of merchandise.

Currently, the most important treaties are those related to collaboration between developing countries, that is, between third world countries and emerging countries. Countries that have sufficient resources are more aware of the importance of investing in these countries, since it is a good way to enter new markets, and in turn contribute to that nation so that it can evolve over time. Some of the reasons why countries with more resources help those with fewer are due to wars, lack of natural resources, poverty, among others.

As for the requirements that must be met by those involved in said treaties, they are: a) they must have legal capacity, b) they must have will, c) there must be an object and cause, d) they must comply with the corresponding formalities and protocols. Among the different types of treaties are: commercial, humanitarian, cultural, political, on human rights, among others. Depending on the type of obligations, one can distinguish between treaties-law and treaties-contract. Due to their duration, there are those of definite duration and those of indefinite duration. According to their way of concluding, there are those concluded in a solemn way and those concluded in a simplified way.