The intellect, according to the most traditional perspectives, is the ability of a human being to understand the data that is being exposed to him. However, there are intellectuals who claim that it is only the same thought. All this process happens in the mind of a person, in which the pieces that possibly make up the essence of a subject come together. However, this does not only apply to topics that require effort to discern, but also the understanding of the world around us in general, maintaining a stable contact with reality.

what is intellect

The term comes from the Latin intellectus, which also proclaims the union of the components inter and lectus, the first refers to between and the second to choose or chosen. If one intends to speak or explain this term in a broad way, it is necessary to say that one is dealing with a word that expresses reason and power as a natural characteristic in human beings.

The intellect is nothing more than the ability of people to understand the things that happen around them, that is, the ability to develop different mental situations connected to reality and that are related to each other.

The synonym of intellect is intelligence, although it can also refer to reflection or reason that, little by little, is acquired from the moment of birth to the death of the human being, since he is in constant learning, that is why he always we speak of intellect and intelligence as equals.

formation of the intellect

In a historical background, the ancient philosophers, such as Aristotle and Plato, defined the understanding as a completely abstract entity, which works together with the soul and the body. They defined it with the metaphor of a prevailing chaos in the cosmos, which was harmonically replaced by the order of the elements. With it you could capture the essence of someone or something, you could “read inside.”

However, these definitions have mutated over time, managing to conceive new meanings of the term, which have provided a much broader perspective of what the intellect is for the human being, that is, the evolution of the intellect.

Within this operate elements such as reason, feelings, understanding and interpretation, which allow the creation of a realistic vision that expresses the variables of a situation.

Intelligence is also part of this group, but is often confused with the same intellect; this represents, in reality, the ability to elaborate concepts. From the beginning, the intellect is the factor that differentiates human beings from other animals, because it allows them to have a keen sense of themselves and their environment.

characteristics of the intellect


This term has the particularity of having a series of characteristics that individualize it and differentiate it from other terms. In this case, each characteristic is separated by 3 aspects that will be explained below.

structure of the intellect

Thanks to the psychological intellect, many advances were achieved, including that of the scientist Joy Paul Guilford, who had the wonderful idea of ​​developing a model very similar to the human intellect. To achieve his goal, he relied on the development and capabilities of humanity’s thinking.

The model covers 5 special operations of people, the first is the capture of information, that is, the ability of people to assimilate the information that has been provided. The second has to do with memory and the ability of the human being to remember every event that has occurred in his life.

The third is the evaluation which refers to the analysis of all the daily situations of people’s lives and to study if it is good or bad. The fourth has to do with conflict resolution, that is, solving each problem that interferes with the subject’s tranquility and, finally, creativity, which motivates people to improve in different areas. All this represents the intellect and intelligence of each subject on earth.

capacity of the intellect

If the main concept of this term is thoroughly analyzed, it is recorded that the intellect is nothing more than a capacity that the human being has and that it encompasses the understanding, reasoning and analysis of everything that surrounds the human being, this it means that it has an infinite scope and that people can expand their intellect at will according to their personal interests. In addition, with the evolution of the intellect and the mechanisms or tools available to access information, this expansion has been greatly facilitated.

Intellect Measurement

There are some intellect tests that allow the user to determine what their level of understanding is or what their mental age is. It is also possible to perform a crossword intellect to obtain optimal results, however, there is a traditional measurement that is based on dividing the mental age and the real age of the person under study or measurement.

Activities to increase the intellect

It would really be excellent if all people had the interest and conviction to increase their levels of intellect and promote cognitive stimuli, since each factor of intelligence improves the quality of life of the human being.

If you want to increase your intelligence, you need to meditate daily to keep your mind in complete balance and away from disturbances. It’s also important to expose yourself to totally new experiences and get out of your comfort zone, as well as exercise both physically and mentally to keep your body and mind fit.

It is also positive to learn to play musical instruments and learn to speak new languages, since it increases the capacity for understanding, in addition to this, it is recommended to meet people who have totally different characteristics from the personal ones, since one must be surrounded by a variety of opinions, beliefs and information to learn from each of them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Intellect

What is the intellect?

It is the intelligence or the ability that people have to learn and analyze information.

How to measure the intellect?

Dividing the real age with the mental.

What is lack of intellect?

It is the inability of a person to assimilate information.

What is an intellectual person?

He is a person who likes to learn new things, who has knowledge about many others of his interest, whether historical, scientific, artistic, etc.

How to improve the intellect?

Getting enough rest, eating healthy, learning new things, exercising, etc.