Intelectual author

Before getting into the matter, regarding the definition of intellectual author, it is important to define what an author is and the etymology of the word to get an idea about its conception. Author can be defined as the person who is the cause of something, or the individual who invents something in particular; On the other hand, the word author comes from the Latin “auctor”, “autōris” which refers to “source”, “promoter” or “instigator”. When this concept is inclined to the field of law, specifically criminal law refers to the person or individual who carries out a crime, but is also the one who directly forces, pressures or induces others in order to execute a task. , or one who cooperates with said actions.

The intellectual author is the person who devises a plan, but he is not the one who carries it out, but other people; or it is that person or group of them that serve as inspiration for an event. The mastermind induces, instigates, incites and drives another or others to carry out a criminal act, with a particular motive. In addition, this is called an inducer or promoter; sources state that the mastermind is the one who directly trains or prepares another individual to carry out a typical and unlawful action.

Just as the intellectual author is one of the subjects who are immersed in the act of executing a crime, there is also the material author, who is the one who carries out the crime or the action as such; there is also the accomplice, who is the one who lends certain means to carry out the crime; the mediate author is the one who uses minors or the incapable to carry out the act; and the concealer is the one who silences the whole truth about a crime.