It is the busy industry of providing accommodation with comfort, food to one or more people with a variety of services for a fee where the supply and demand in prices is of great importance, these studies that are done to carry out such activity, in a training professional in the hotel industry. In its most basic concept is that it only refers to hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, among other variants of services to the public, do not fall into this category, since they focus on data referring only to the management of hotels, such as treating a client thinking psychologically according to the type of clientele from which a specific service will be provided to their needs, the structure and management of a company or hotel chain.

It is in charge of reviewing the tourist supply and demand market to enter the competition for the best service packages, its study and preparation of adequate personnel to manage the different departments of a hotel, improving relations and communication between them. . An important part of this world of hotels is built with these studies where the inn is the internal part of commissioning this management to flow, they are professionals who restore the management service of a hotel that in many cases are known as hoteliers or managers of the administrative department of the personnel, as well as the operation of the facilities. There are also hotel restorers who are not only dedicated to restoring the facades, common areas, rooms or bathrooms but also everything related to the management of the hotel itself, hotel consultants or hotel restorers are these the denominations that are given to these people in the separate world represented by the inn, which is a global name for all this hotel corporate management, which although they go hand in hand are not the same due to their different structures and studies of the different markets that together can achieve a good management of a hotel company, easily separating what is business management from hotel management itself.