The word ingenuity comes from the Latin “ingenium” whose meaning is “something that moves by itself”. However, the meaning with which we usually use the word ingenuity is to describe or indicate the ability or faculty that a person may possess to create or invent something new.

Subjects who possess the characteristic of being ingenious can with great ease and dexterity come up with ideas or new ideas about different situations, they usually solve dilemmas or difficult problems and they do it quickly, simply and in turn as effectively as possible, also in their majority. they become great inventors of different machinery or technological devices.

Ingenuity is a skill that can be put into practice from the imagination, as it is an area in which our creative aspect comes to the surface to be able to inspect different things or situations of our day to day. For ingenious people, the fact of responding in a bold and particular way (unique, own, invented by him), towards the different circumstances that arise in life, is his main characteristic, being for himself a gratifying achievement, because always they look for various methods towards solving the problems they may face.

Undoubtedly all the things that can be created or resolved from the ingenuity of an individual are useful, both for the ingenious person and for the rest of the interested people, since they come to arise from creativity, intelligence and ability. , coupled with all previous knowledge on the subject and the means or instruments it has.

In general terms, ingenious people are distinguished by having among their main characteristics: self-confidence, enthusiasm, creative and inventive imagination, intuition, will, perception, concerns, among others, but above all freedom, because freedom assumes a very important role in the creative mind of an individual, since you cannot have a broad development of what you want to achieve if you do not feel free to imagine it and do it, in other words you must feel free to experiment and exploit your ingenuity to do so reach its maximum expression.