Information sources

Information sources are instruments for knowledge, access and search for information. Its main objective is to search for, fix and disseminate the source of the implicit information in any physical medium. It is a term that over time has become very important, especially with the appearance of computers.

The sources of information can be classified according to the different perspectives, however each author can develop their own classification, one of them is the following:

According to the degree of information they provide: primary, secondary and tertiary.

According to the type of information they contain: general and specialized.

Depending on the format or support: textual or audiovisual.

Depending on the channel used: documentary or oral.

By geographic coverage: national, international, regional and local.

The information sources have the peculiarity of not being exclusive, but can be combined, since a source can be primary and at the same time specialized and with digital support.

One of the criteria most used by authors to classify information sources is the following:

Primary sources: are those that contain original information, that is, they contain original data of the information and that do not need to be completed with another source. These include theses, monographs, magazines, newspapers, official documents from public institutions.

Secondary sources: are those whose main purpose is not to provide information, but to point out which document or source can provide it by referring to original primary documents. Secondary sources are texts based on primary sources, and involve synthesis, analysis, and interpretation. Some of them are: directories, catalogs, bibliographies, etc.

Tertiary sources: this term is not widely used today; These are secondary sources that have been merged with others, such as catalogs and bibliographies of bibliographies. Its content is taken from other secondary sources.

The sources of information are of great relevance since through them the required information can be obtained; without them people could not transmit their knowledge or information to others. Without the sources, individuals would not have knowledge of anything, since the origin of the information comes from them.