Infographics is a science aimed at summarizing or simplifying information, as well as representing it through graphics conducive to user understanding. The diagrams, a series of graphs that are responsible for tracing the relationships and variations that the constituent fragments of a fact present, are the protagonists of infographics, since through them it is possible to transmit information quickly. It should be noted that the final product of this type is called an infographic.

Pictograms (drawings that refer to an action) and ideograms (symbols that are internalized in the meaning of a word), are just some of the non-linguistic signs that also appear in the elaboration of infographic content. When it comes to animated sequences, these images and symbols can be accompanied by very brief descriptions that complement their meaning, as well as audio related to the topic.

A common infographic is the one that offers a visualization of a specific place, within which all the places available within it can also be located; shopping centers and subway stations are locations where this can be seen frequently, so that the visitor can locate their position in the facilities. Something similar to this is info-architecture, which seeks to recreate the desired environment, through different technical tools that are quite accessible.

In addition to this, these types of representations are also designed for educational and informative reasons, because, as mentioned above, with this tool information can be achieved much faster. The scope that these can achieve is magnificent, since aesthetics, if the necessary is taken into account, can be irresistible to the user and its diffusion would occur much faster.