Inequity is the opposite of equity, which has been the same as inequality, whether in some social aspect, gender, among others. Therefore, inequity is considered a factor of injustice.

In many parts of the world, some more than others, there is a lot of inequity, although this term is something that comes from the beginning of civilization. In addition, there are many associations that fight to fight against it but it has been very difficult for them to banish inequity from the world due to their great efforts.

The social plane is the one where this type of situation is seen the most, the social classes that have greater resources can have access without any type of problem to the products and services that are produced in a certain region. In the same way, there are also sectors of the same society that do not have the resources to access the same products and services, therefore a living example of inequity can be seen.

This type of situations of social inequality are the most common and therefore those people who do not have the necessary resources tend to receive different treatment than those who have the means to acquire products and services.

On the other hand, with respect to gender, there is a very old inequity against women, which although it has diminished over time, it cannot be said that today it is surpassed by one hundred percent.

With regard to work environments, more precisely in the performance of hierarchical positions, for example, it is where the primary role of men is still maintained to the detriment of women.