When the term inequality is used, the differences that exist between one entity and another are emphasized, which should share a series of specific characteristics so that there can be a point of comparison between both. It is an ambiguous word, used in the scientific, medical and social fields, in addition to the humanities. However, its use is rooted in research on the planet’s social, political and economic conditions, the purpose of which is to evaluate the individual development of all countries.

In the field of mathematics, there is the established inequality between numerical figures, which is expressed with the use of the signs “<” (menor que) “>” (greater than). Added to this, there is also the theorem that raises the triangular inequality. As for medicine, this term is frequently used to refer to the difference in the functioning of two similar organs or to the proportion of a bone or limb.

Social inequality, in the same way, is a concept that was established to differentiate the advancement of one Nation with respect to another. This includes the quality of education, the judicial and electoral system, the balance of the economy, as well as the care given to the infrastructure. However, it can also be managed within the same country, as a result of the comparison that would be made between, for example, two different social strata or the wages of the population. Experts in the field assure that this is a serious social problem, which originated because of the radical changes in the development of history, in addition, it has been said that it is not a matter originated only by human nature, but rather by human nature. customs that it imposed on its own species.