They are the set of popular movements that seek to put in power people who do not have the necessary qualities to be able to govern a group in a satisfactory manner. The concept basically focuses on the poor performance provided by the political representative, within the social and cultural reforms, as well as the lack of knowledge of their essential characteristics. In the same way, the critics also seek to touch on points such as the followers who preach and live with this ideology, which in the long run will provide them with different benefits, coming from the citizens who sow efforts within a decadent society.

The term has been used on different occasions to talk about the political systems that, at present, have been in command of important countries, as well as those not so influential. It is not only about a ruler with a low IQ or the followers who follow them despite their actions, there are also those who are managing, in a certain way, the powers within the governed community and who also obtain a certain fame of good workers, brazenly taking the good deeds of simple workers.

In other words, this ruler forges a lie about the harsh reality, to make the inhabitants of his little false kingdom feel safe and comfortable, so that they can continue to give their unconditional support. Various writers on political aspects agree that this type of ruler tends to defend himself quite often from criticism for his mistakes and that he tries to reserve as many insults as possible towards himself, to let them out and make the naive followers realize that power made person is quite despised by competitors, for trying to take their government underground.