Indian Ocean

Also known as the third largest ocean in the world, its name comes from India due to the great navigations of the 15th and 16th centuries, which at the time were the main sea route to India. It bathes the coasts of East Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Australia.

With a total area of ​​73.4 million km2, an area of ​​68,556,000 km². And the length of the coast is 66,526 km, the volume of water is approximately 292 cubic meters, covering 20% ​​of the planet’s surface. The climate north of the Indian Ocean is generally affected by strong winds blowing in October and April, from May to October to the south and west. The exploitation of oil extracted from the Persian Gulf is one of the main activities in this part of the world, in addition to the movement of merchandise through its seas.

The Indian Ocean expands its waters through 39 countries and 7 territories on the planet, its total area is 73.4 million km2. Its average depth is 4,210m a little higher than that of the Atlantic Sea and its deepest point is 7,725m located off the Indonesian island of Java (south coast). This ocean contains numerous islands among these are: Madagascar and Sri Lanka and the smaller Maldives and Mauritius. It is worth mentioning that near this last island the ocean is agitated by great winds called monsoons that characterize it. But nevertheless the ocean generally the winds of the Indian are soft.