Indexing is the process by which the data and reports are examined in an orderly manner to prepare its index, which is what facilitates the search for information and helps to select with greater exhaustiveness, which means that it is very complete and deep of the most pertinent information. according to the characteristics of the users. It is also the procedure by which the modality is applied to keep the time constant, the purchase value in every transaction, compensating it directly and indirectly.

This is generally applied at the request of correcting the prices of certain consumer products, salaries, interest rates, among others, with the mission of balancing them and bringing them closer to the general rise in prices. The indexation when applying It will be the result of the measurement of an index.

On the other hand, in the field of information technology, indexing is the process by which the search engine tracks the site and in turn incorporates the database with a set of information organized in the same context for use and linking. This process is very important for web pages because it allows the web page to appear in some of the search engines, but those pages that have not been indexed as they should not appear among the results of a search.

When web pages are indexed, the content can be tracked by spiders, which is a computer system that searches for files stored in web services to achieve good positions and is also used in the economic field.