They are actions that do not have consequences, such as intimidation, threats, attacks, murders, among others, which are not punished by law. It is a prize for crime, inducing its repetition and creating a kind of propaganda that stimulates a common criminal as well as one from high society to continue committing crimes, infecting the new generation with its example, as well as anyone who wants to achieve by non-legal means some Benefits.

Impunity is a concept that encompasses a number of actions, which the rule of law itself supports on many occasions, implying that there is a green light to cause damage and havoc to the people; that is to say that the instances of superior powers do it for their benefit, causing an exception to the punishment, which implies that it is not sanctioned.

A legal definition says that it is the lack and absence of punishment after committing a crime or offense and the definition of human and psycho-legal rights that is expressed in its language, as in the non-consistency of a process, nor punishment of those responsible before the law, which produce ridicule, serious violation and which go against international humanitarian law and international amnesty. Being a total cracking of the function of symbolic order that should be fulfilled by the Political power and the Judicial power, being a clear lack of law that has enabled new transgressions expanding corruption. The violation of human rights, violence as part of the authority that discredits social and international movements that exercise resistance to curb such abuses of power, causing crimes to be perpetrated by those who have the duty and the right to execute and the legal responsibility to convict them. This implies that any action that is exercised with abuse in physical, mental and emotional violence that implies damage to the integrity of a human being and is not paid and is not punished for it, is an unpunished act.

For these reasons, support societies have been created to ensure these compliances, such as the International Commission on Human Rights of the United Nations, created on August 12, 1947, together with the Human Rights Council created after March 15, 1947. 2006.