Take an impulse to run or reach something by moving the body by jumping. It is known as an impulse to the emissions of electricity, the currents or waves of the nervous impulse that occur in a neuron when information passes, also to the uncontrolled and excessive desire that produces the desire to do something, such as eat, scream, laugh or to have something no matter how it is obtained, without taking into account the acts and the consequences that would come later.

The impulses come from the internal and the external, they are stimulated by desires and feelings, from the visual and auditory part, such as the taste of savoring a delicious cake, watching a movie or listening to a melody, a variety of impulses can be unleashed stimulants that make people want and do different acts, such as buying the cd of the movie or the singer, something that the boost that the actor or singer produces in his career elevates him to an improvement in his professional and personal life. These types of impulses stimulate and push to the action of doing and feeling.

The force applied or that is printed on an object so that it moves, naturally as happens with a sailboat that uses the impulse given by the wind and the waves of the sea to acquire force and speed to be able to move, the manual way using some oars in a boat applying the impulse with them with the arms. In mechanics, the electrical force that a motor prints in its discharges is known, which gives enough force to move things, such as an outboard motor or a car at high speed.

The impulse causes objects or things to happen, to move, varying the force applied to them, Isaac Newton known as the father of physics, in his second law explains that a force applied to an object or body , is proportional to the speed and acceleration that the same object obtains, the amount of impulse imposed on the movement is linked to achieve the force and speed of the body or object.