It is the value that is given to an entity, for the qualities it possesses or for playing a high-ranking role within a certain topic. Importance is a condition that can be inherited, as it is in the case of wealth and social category, where an individual, by the simple fact of having money or being related to someone influential in society, can acquire some fame. and become someone of prestige, although there are subjects who achieve it on their own merits; a common example of this case is royalty, whose exponents become the center of attention when the great royal titles fall into their hands.

Within the context of the importance obtained by achievements, there is the specific case in which an individual is above another if he has made various discoveries or has stood out in a much more notable way in an activity, that is, it is like a hierarchical scale; This can be observed more than anything in the scientific field, where intellectuals strive to obtain new knowledge on unknown branches, which need to be expanded or simply add more elements to a well-known one. The hierarchical system works in a similar way, designed to indicate the importance of an individual within a community and, consequently, the position he occupies.

The term is also used to describe the value of a situation, such as a discussion. Normally, it is used in this context, stating what is considered to be an important fact.