It is the term given to the collision between two bodies, although it is also used in the ecological field, as a definition for the consequences of climate change and environmental pollution, in economic, political and social terms, as the consequences it leaves on a nation. measures that a government can take. The origin of the word is in the Latin “impacts”where “im” it means “inside”Y “pactum”root of the word pangere, means to nail.

The greatest uses of this word can be found in what are astronomical collisions, both in space and on earth, that is, the different types of objects that are far from the earth and that can crash into others or with the planet, as in the case of meteorites; however, it is also used to describe the footprint left by these objects when they crash. Another context in which the word can be used is where a firearm is fired, more specifically where the bullet hits a surface.

In addition, it can be used in certain situations to describe strong emotions, which leave a certain community or an individual shocked and suffering from the acts resulting from some situations. The environmental impact is also one of the greatest uses that can be given to the word, where the alteration of the environmental baseline is explained and they even maintain a classification of impacts on the environment: nature, type of impact, magnitude, extension. , intensity, duration, frequency, reversibility, accuracy of prediction.