This term represents an innovative concept within the context of technology, which is why it is based on the global systematization of a building with high technology, allowing the data of a property to be centralized in order to be able to carry out better supervision and control, all this from a computer.

Inmotics is part of internal home automation within a network configuration, but applied to buildings. For the owner of a housing complex or building, the application of this type of system in their properties can be beneficial because it would allow them to offer much more attractive and profitable buildings, for users it would be comfortable to be able to live in this type of housing complex, not only for the comfort but also for the security it provides.

Inmotica offers the possibility of automating each and every one of the building’s own activities: its elevators, the lighting of the common areas, the access system, the irrigation of the gardens, the fire location network, etc., as well such as being able to carry out better supervision of the entrances and exits of visitors inside the building, being able to keep track of them during their stay inside the building. This automation has been used successfully in many housing complexes, offices, health centers, shopping centers, industries and hotels.

Inmotics and home automation are very similar, what is different is that the application of inmotics is oriented towards hotels, offices, corporate buildings and the like. Achieving that, depending on the activity that takes place inside the building, the automation networks are totally different and coupled to the specific demands of the same.

The context of application of this kind of automation is very varied: airports, hotels, gyms, schools, etc., which is why the analysis of requirements, purposes and applications for a home automation project can be more expensive than a home automation project. The fact that a building has the installation of an inmotic system makes it possible for it to obtain savings in each of its services, since everything will be fully automated, offering an attractive appearance of modernity and technological advancement.