That it is not under the legal framework of a law or it goes against it, it is spoken of illegal to any action, activity or circumstances that does not respect what is established either by force majeure or with violent acts or carrying out prohibited activities, carrying with it the persecution of a person or entity by the state that governs the established ordinances. Illegal is the term that is given to the involvement of situations such as theft, fraud, murder or any action that is considered fraudulent, such as income of doubtful origin or entering a country without the proper and required documentation. These people are classified as illegal immigrants.

We can understand that there are a variety of illegal acts such as trading or selling drugs. The commercialization of stolen merchandise, the trafficking of animals and their endangered skins. The abuse and cutting of trees in forest reserves, either for the precious wood or the indiscriminate sale of trees such as Canadian pines, thus degrading the ecosystem of fauna and flora, losing the biodiversity of the environment. The trade in people is still carried out clandestinely today, selling immigrants as sex workers or for forced labor in mass production factories. Although something is or is considered illegal, it does not mean that it is not committed, such as bribery in politics and it is something that since ancient times like Egypt was seen on the streets in broad daylight.

Trafficking in its variety of crimes such as trafficking with weapons of war, human organs, drug trafficking among others, excessive fishing and damage to the sale of coral reefs, from organized mafias to common day-to-day events such as marking with overpricing a merchandise or stealing a wallet at a bus stop, or looting a supermarket, all of these are punishable and illegal acts that perfectly fit into what is called the black market, where all kinds of crime are locked up or outside of the law.