An ideology is the accumulation of ideas, thoughts and practices that are related, about a real environment about a general system that includes the political, social, economic, religious, moral and even the scientific and technological spheres. Ideology can also refer to the thoughts and ideas of an individual, society or even historical periods, such as fascist ideology, neoliberal ideology, Marxist ideology, among others. The ideologies consist of a theoretical foundation that defines the ideals, objectives and ways of life to which they aspire to reach, and on the other hand a practical foundation, which is nothing more than the measures, actions and reforms that must be executed in order to definitely achieve the ideal.

Ideology is characterized by the implication of belonging to a group of individuals that antagonizes another group. In this way, it can be said that ideology implies a certain dogmatism; Such is the case of religions, which in a certain way seek spiritual fulfillment but each one has a certain practical foundation to achieve this end, so they often enter into antagonism among themselves despite wanting to reach the same goal. The rigidity or flexibility of an ideology, however, depends on each individual or group that adopts it for himself, since it can be adapted according to the needs and changes that may occur in the course prior to its realization, provided that these adaptations do not substantially change what the original ideal is based on.

Some theorists on the matter are those who maintain that the ability of a person or group to adapt their ideology in contrast to external requests and new needs are those that manage to perpetuate themselves over time, a clear example of this would be the Catholic religion, which despite often maintaining a dogmatic stance has also shown the ability to adapt to modern times, without this negatively affecting its fundamental beliefs and purposes.

On the other hand, there are also theoreticians who affirm that changes and adaptations have no place with an ideology already formed and founded, thus having a more radical vision and not at all permissive about what is expected to be obtained with any ideology.