The term hunter encompasses everything that is looking for and trying to obtain a certain item or living being, using resources such as violence or strategies to find the objective. One of the most common contextualizations is that of the animal hunter, whose main objective is to kill animals, either because it is his job or because he feels fond of the activity. In cases of survival, hunting is one of the options that the person has, under the circumstances, to be able to consume the amount of calories and carbohydrates necessary to live. However, on some occasions, animals are used to create decorative items; like the famous dried deer and elk heads, put on wooden and metal plates.

This practice, today, has been regulated by certain regulations, mainly to protect the integrity of the species and its continuity. This is because, in the past, many species that had their habitats in the forests became extinct due to continuous and indiscriminate hunting.

Similarly, “hunter”, not only refers to the aforementioned, it is also the word that baptizes a certain decoration item that is believed to influence in some way the gestation and development of dreams; the writer of novels, Stephen King, published in 2001 a book called The Dreamcatcher, which was later adapted for the cinema in 2003. Also, the group of 116 men who formed a light troop were known as hunters; within this, the most outstanding were included, so that the system under which they were based could work and fulfill the missions entrusted to them.