human trafficking

Human trafficking is the mobilization and illegal entry of individuals by kidnappers (in most cases) to a different nation from which they come, the purpose of transporting people out of their home state is frequently to be exploited and a monetary benefit results for the individuals who did this act. The victims of this type of crime are people who frequently seek entry into a country, they are willing to use any means thus falling into the trap and the network of these international criminals, when they find themselves at their disposal, those affected are totally vulnerable. to any type of mistreatment that is provided to them by their perpetrators.

Human trafficking is directly related to human trafficking, both situations are caused by unscrupulous people who take advantage of the lonely environment that their victim possesses; Human trafficking, on the other hand, is the possession of an individual under threats and mistreatment, as a result of violence. Trafficking and human trafficking is then being considered as the form of slavery in the modern era, where the victims are under the command of their aggressor and have to fulfill all the desires that occur to him; the most frequent is that this is applied to exploit these individuals, whether in the world of prostitution, drug trafficking or any action where the kidnappers do not want to stain their hands directly.

The consequences of being a victim of human trafficking are very serious, affecting all areas of the individual physically and mentally:

  1. At the physical level: they may present malnutrition, insomnia disorders and poor hygiene habits, adding to this the consumption of substances harmful to the body (drugs); any type of sexual infection (HIV), renal and uterine complications (in the case of women) should also be included.
  2. At the psychological level: Condition at the affective level, thoughts of shame and uselessness that lead to the development of impulsive behaviors, where the individual performs self-destructive acts (suicide), others may present visual and auditory hallucinations due to the sensation of being constantly in danger.