Human Resources

Human resources are referred to as a set of workers or employees who are part of a company or institution that is determined by carrying out several lists of precise activities for each area. It can be said that the human resources (HR) of a company are in accordance with the assumptions of business administration, because it is one of the most important capitals in which they are responsible for the realization and development of all activities. that are needed to have a good operation and thus be able to hire, order and retain the organization’s staff. These activities can be carried out by a specific individual or department together with the managers of the organization.

The operation that human resources have is to order the area or the professionals of (HR) with the tactics of the organization, this allows to implant the organizational ability through the people, who are considered as the only living and intelligent resources capable of lead to organizational success in order to face the challenges that are perceived with the competition. On the other hand, it can be said that it is essential to emphasize that people or human resources are not managed, but rather that it is applied to individuals as active and proactive agents endowed with intelligence, creativity and skills.

Human resources are made up of various types of branches such as replacement, contract, training or charge of staff while they are within the company. This may also depend on the company or institute in which the operation of human resources is executed, in addition there are other groups that are responsible for exercising various commitments such as the administration of the payroll of the employees or the management of the links with the unions.