Hospital admission comprises a series of technical-administrative activities that are carried out in health centers to admit the patient and whose objective is to provide care, depending on their needs or difficulties through adequate and specific resources. Hospital admission arises when the patient requires internal medicine services, surgery, etc. And you need to stay confined in a hospital in order to receive treatment for your condition.

The patient can enter a hospital through different routes: through the emergency department, the outpatient clinic or a specialty clinic.

There are different types of income:

  • Scheduled admission: is one that is performed when the patient needs hospital care prior to the control of their disease at different levels.
  • Emergency admission: this occurs when the patient needs immediate assistance, due to the sudden onset of a serious illness or an accident.
  • In-hospital admissions: are those where the patients who enter come from another health center.

Once the patient complies with the relevant documentation, the admission service allocates a bed for hospital admission. In general, these procedures are carried out by the patient’s relatives. Once the patient enters, he will have his first contact with the nursing staff, who will explain everything about the hospital rules, visiting hours, etc. and show interest in patient data. Then, an initial assessment of the patient will be made and attached to the patient’s medical history.