The word hook is linked with different meanings. A hook is generally known as a piece of metal or wood that is used by people to hold something, for example, there are clothes or hanger hooks that are used to hang clothing. In handicrafts, especially in weaving, manualists use an instrument called a hook or crochet hook, which is used to weave with thread or wool. In this case the hook or crochet hook is a short needle made of plastic, wood or metal.

On the other hand, there is the commercial hook, terminology applied to a technique managed by advertising companies, with the purpose of attracting more clients, this strategy focuses on the publication of offers at a market cost well below the average, with the intention of obtaining the attention of the clients, promoting the increase of the sales. In sports, specifically in boxing, the term hook is also used but with a very different idea, in this case it is called a hook to that blow given from the bottom up with the curved arm and forearm, a blow that usually knocks out the opponent.

In basketball there is a throwing technique called a hook shot, this throw is made with one hand, in a position perpendicular to the hoop, with the arm extended gently sliding the ball.

When a person has certain qualities, enjoys sympathy and physical or inner beauty, it is said that they have a hook to attract a partner, for example, a boy’s hook may be to have a good body, for others the hook is that has a nice car, or is an excellent student, etc.

In orthodontics, some hooks are used that serve to hold the plaque (instrument used to maintain the space of a lost tooth) correctly, preventing the displacement of the device, since they are placed firmly on the tooth that will not be removed serving Anchor. These hooks are made of 0.7 wire. They are classified as: Schwartz hook, Adams hook, ball point hook, handle hook and Duyzings hook.