Etymologically this word comes from the Latin homicide homo what does man mean and “fall” what does it mean to kill Therefore homicide refers to “kill a human being”. Homicide is considered reprehensible behavior where an individual acts against another with the purpose of violating the life of that individual.

Homicide and murder can be considered synonymous but they are not. These terms differ in that homicide lacks premeditation, betrayal or cruelty, elements that are included in the term murder, since murder is based on obtaining a profit, that is, a person can kill another to receive remuneration or reward, an example of this would be contract killings.

Homicide can be legally justified if the act was caused by self-defense, or by fulfilling their duty, as in the case of the police or a member of the security forces. The term homicide can be given various names, this will depend on the relationship between the murderer and his victim. For example, if the victim is the highest representative of the government, such as the president, then it would be an assassination. If the victim is a relative, it would be parricide.

Homicide is classified as follows: Intentional Homicide, is when the homicide is intentional, that is, the attacker knows what he is going to do and understands the consequences that his behavior may entail. Involuntary manslaughter, also called culpable and negligent homicide since the person can prevent the death of the other person but fails and this occurs. Homicide has two types of subjects: there is the active subject, represented by the person who performs the action either voluntarily or involuntarily, and the passive subject, represented by the victim.