Residence is known as all those places which are designed structurally speaking, to be inhabited, this type of construction can be used as permanent or temporary housing, in the same way it is possible to limit the fact that in terms of accommodation capacity , they can also be very variable, however the most common is that the residences have large spaces where they can accommodate the largest possible number of people. Similarly, it should be noted that residences can be of different types, among which are student residences, nursing homes, among others.

This type of housing can be very diverse, either in terms of its dimensions and the characteristics that it possesses, that is, the comforts it has, as well as the area in which they are located and whether the space is shared or shared. not.

For many this term can be used as a synonym for home, seen from that point of view, it could be said that residences are of great importance, since it is in these places where people usually spend most of their time, therefore it is normal that when a person is in his residence, he feels very comfortable.

One of the most common types of residence is that of the elderly, these are places in which elderly people are housed, permanently or temporarily, usually these people are taken to these centers since they require specialized care. and it is in those places where they can be provided with greater precision, since these residences generally have trained personnel, such as doctors specialized in geriatrics, physiotherapists, nurses, etc.

On the other hand, in the field of medicine, residency is defined as a stage through which a doctor who has just finished his studies must go through. During this period, the graduate must acquire the knowledge required for a specialty. It could be considered that the residency is like a kind of postgraduate course that takes place in a hospital. The purpose of the residency is to ensure that the doctor is instructed in the specialty that he has decided to study.