Holy war

The holy war is a conflict that is caused by the differences between religions, specifically by the presence of religious extremists who believe in a monotheistic dogma (the existence of only one God), in order to defend their religious ideologies, as well as the places that they consider sacred according to their beliefs and in turn manage these conflicts as a strategy to publish their doctrines of faith, through expansionism through the use of violence. In the first holy wars in history, Islam and Christianity are the protagonists.

Specifically, the holy war of Islamic origin, had its starting point approximately in the year 622, at the time when “Muhammad” issued messages directly from God, he was threatened with death by the adversaries or enemies of Islam and for that reason he emigrated from «Mecca» for the region called «Medina», this is a city 300 km north of Mecca, in company with his followers.

Living in the Medina region, Muhammad positioned himself at the head of a new religious community in about 629; After this, together with an army of ten thousand men, he traveled again to Mecca, which was a city conquered almost without resistance from the people. After this, specifically close to the year 1054, a holy war is triggered between Islam and the Catholic Church, because the Catholics wanted to recover the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, which at that time was in the hands of the Muslims.

During the Middle Ages, the Crusades were mainly military expeditions, organized by the Church in order to recover the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem from Muslim rule, and took the form of a true “holy war”.

The Catholic Church began to organize military expeditions in order, even to project its influence in the Byzantine territory, dominated by the Orthodox Church, which was the Byzantine church established with the Schism in 1054, and independent of the pope of Rome.

For almost 200 years, eight expeditions were organized and have provided a great deal of violence against non-Christian people. The most successful was the First Crusade, which besieged and conquered Jerusalem and even held several kingdoms in a feudal mould, but in the 12th century, the Turks recaptured the kingdoms, including Jerusalem.