Holmium is a chemical element that is found within the group of lanthanides, it has an atomic weight of 164.9, its atomic number is equivalent to 67, symbolized by the acronym Ho. This is a metalloid with a characteristic very bright silver color that has magnetic affinity with iron, however, like dysprosium, this capacity is modified with the decrease in temperature, being momentarily antiferromagnetic (without magnetism due to iron), and then a period of time regains its capacity for magnetism.

Holmium has low hardness, being a fairly soft and malleable metalloid, being very stable in contact with dry air at room temperature, a panorama that is modified when subjected to humidity at high temperatures. Holmium has its origin from the word “Stockholm”, This is the name of the Swedish city from which the two scientists who discovered this element come, they respond to the names of Marc Delafontaine and Jacques-Louis Soret, they recorded that they had contact for the first time with holmium in the year 1878, when they reacted light rays with this chemical element they realized its high absorption capacity, for this reason they gave it the nickname of “element X“In turn or in parallel, holmium was studied by the Swedish scientist”By Teodor Cleve”Who was a resident of the same city and for this reason was the one who gave him the name of the element.

This chemical product is used mainly in the construction of screens for televisions like the other elements of lanthanides, beginning its use at the time of the development of color televisions, as well as it is applied in the manufacture of lamps and crystals that they radiate fluorescent colored lights, and nowadays its implementation has increased because it has an important role in the development of catalysts for glass polishing agents. Another characteristic that it shares with those of rare earths, is that it is found in low proportions in nature, and can generate adverse effects on the manipulator, at the level of the lungs and liver.