Historical review

The brief critical exposition that is made in periodic publications such as newspapers or magazines about a scientific or literary work, cultural or sports activity, or any specific event is known as Review. Among the various types of review is the Historical Review, which It is the brief explanation of a specific historical event or event, in which the history and events that occurred are analyzed and/or criticized. The writer or reviewer is in charge of collecting on the document a certain number of historical and referent data, as well as the characteristics and particularities of the determined matter, through an exhibition, description and interpretation, and in turn placing them with a certain order that allows the reader to understand.

A historical review can be about sciences or studies in the area (literature, chemistry, accounting, anatomy, statistics, etc.), as well as entities, organizations such as companies or associations, countries, people, sports, activities, and endless other events or happenings that present some history or past.

An example of a historical review of an event in the history of mankind is: “In terms of loss of human lives and material resources, the Second World War has been, without a doubt, the most destructive war conflict to date. It was a global-military conflict in which 61 countries participated in a war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. The main participants were the Allied powers, in particular the United States, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union, who were at war with the Axis Coalition, that is, Germany and Italy in the European theater. And at the same time in the Pacific, the United States was fighting with the imperial forces of Japan.”