It is a fetishism that gives the attraction that body hair has, from any part of the body, it is not known why this taste is, nor of the impulses that the individual feels when having contact with these hairs; As much as men and women are excited by focusing sexual desire on the hairiest part of an individual, in the case of women they are attracted by hairy men especially on the chest and penis and in men they are biased by the pubic areas of the woman and armpits.

It is related to or is a variety of love for hair or trichophilia, it is based on the excitement produced by the contact of hair on the skin, including animal fur falls into this category, like facial hair, beards on a man cause a state of complacency for many women with this condition of desire. Sexual desire focused on body hair, ranging from the smell, the feeling of softness, the feeling of believing that strength has something to do with the hair, burly, masculine men, who represent everything a male for the sight of a woman that is excited with the hair, the people who suffer from it if they find a partner that is full of hair from head to toe is fantasy come true.

It represents a pathology in which the individual reaches orgasm only when he has contact with pubic hair, in extreme cases they collect the variety of hair from the different partners they have had throughout their lives.