The term herbivore is applied to define all those species of living beings that base their diet on vegetables and plants, that is, they have eliminated any type of meat from their diet, however there are those who consider that the correct term would be phytophagous, since in In nature, many species can feed on proteins of animal origin, such as eggs and even insects. Herbivores are considered as the primary consumers, followed by secondary consumers, which are those that feed on meat. It should be noted that those individuals, specifically humans who abstain from meat consumption are not considered herbivores, but rather vegetarians or vegans.

Many species of herbivores can be classified as frugivores since they are characterized by consuming exclusively fruit, another classification would be folivores, these being consumers of leaves, however this classification cannot be taken as universal since among the many herbivores that exist there are species that can consume various parts of a plant, be it its stems, roots, etc. The feeding of these species can be very varied since it is related to the different seasons, especially in those areas with a temperate climate where the food can be very diverse depending on the time of year. Other calcifications are the browsers, which stand out for the consumption of the leaves of the bushes, while those that consume wood are called xolophages and those that consume seeds are granivores.

Despite the various classifications, the herbivores that have the greatest popularity are the so-called ruminants, so called because of the peculiar way in how they eat and digest food, they are considered the most important herbivores, especially for man since thanks to them various foods can be obtained. These animals are characterized because they usually regurgitate food in the form of a ball towards the mouth in order to chew them again, the shape of their teeth is flat with a large size which makes it easy for them to crush them, generally these animals They have a large intestine so that they can better break down food.