Herbivorous Men

In Japan herbivorous men are considered to be those who are not interested in marrying or even experiencing a romantic relationship with the opposite sex, just as they are believed to be fond of hygiene and thrifty. Under this definition, two types of men or women can be found: herbivores and carnivores, the latter have the opposite characteristics to the former, that is, they are really interested in marriage and are not always comfortable with the task of cleaning their environment. .

According to studies carried out in the aforementioned country, at least 61% and 71% of men between 20 and 30 years of age believed themselves to be herbivorous men; As a result, the government attributed the low birth rate in the nation to this social phenomenon, which is why it began to encourage pregnancy in couples who had not yet conceived, in addition to offering them free, high-quality medical care. In the same way, the Japanese economy undergoes progressive changes with respect to new markets, because, in a similar way in other countries, this type of men worries about their outward appearance much more than before, but without having contact with metrosexuality, for what they acquire cosmetics and sweets in greater quantities.

The true causes that lead to this step are unknown, but it is believed to be the various social and economic situations that shape the common Japanese man. With the unstable financial environment of the country, according to sociologists, men lose, in some way, the faith in the masculine role that was instilled in them and they cannot fulfill, due to the lack of long-term jobs; Similarly, it is said that others simply decide to eat herbs with the opposite sex, that is, they only want to relate to him in a superficial way.