Hembrismo is an attitude of arrogance of women towards men, or a discriminatory bias clearly favorable to women in actions or opinions. Its meaning is in many ways contrary to that of machismo, but it is also encompassed within the phenomenon of sexism and sexual discrimination, only this term would express those discriminations and prejudices that favor women and harm men.

The main characteristics of this term are ill-treatment against men, whether psychological, physical or emotional. The sexist and discriminatory attitude of one gender towards another, etc.

To analyze this problem, it is necessary to mention its causes. One of them is gender discrimination and how over the years women have begun to acquire positions of responsibility and greater social power.

Hembrism and feminism are synonymous words, but each term refers to very different realities of society. While hembrism is an attitude of superiority of women over men, feminism is about the defense of equality between men and women. Many feminist women are called “feminists”, to defend the supremacy of women in society, when in reality that behavior should be defined as a woman, and many times we ignore the fact that feminism is a movement that Men also are part.

There are several theories about the appearance of the word “hembrismo”. There are people who attribute its origin to a victimization rooted in certain groups of women, while others point out that the fear of certain men to lose their privileges and that position at the top of society led to the appearance of that term.

If hembrismo is the opposite of machismo, it would tentatively be: “a set of attitudes and beliefs intended to justify and promote the maintenance of behaviors perceived as heterosexually feminine and also discriminatory against men.” It is not weird? To be such a powerful movement that subjugates or seeks to subjugate men and the violent in the home, the countryside and the courts, its theoretical development is very basic and by chance, it is defined as the opposite mirror of machismo, feminine has always been defined as the opposite reflection of the masculine.