Help is the assistance that is provided to someone when they are in a dangerous situation, such help can be requested or provided independently depending on the circumstance. Despite referring to a general concept, the way of executing an aid can be regulated in some contexts.

Indeed, in certain cases the way to proceed when providing assistance is previously structured, as is the case of requests for assistance in situations of specific catastrophes or setbacks in the maritime or air area.

One of the most popular expressions to ask for help is the so-called “SOS”, this is a distress signal that is issued in Morse code, very easy to understand, especially for those who may have hearing problems; situation that in some way helped this signal to be recognized internationally. This request for help basically consists of a series of pulses (nine in total) where the first three are short, the second three are long and the last three are short again.

Another typical request for help that is made by radio is the famous “mayday” this is a distorted expression of a French that refers to the request for help. It is very common for this distress signal to be used in maritime navigation. This is broadcast by radio, as a way to summarize the situation to anyone who is nearby and can hear the message. When the repetition is triple, it means that the situation is really serious and there is a risk of death for those affected.

On the other hand, there is the so-called first aid, these are a series of procedures and techniques of an immediate nature that are usually given to the victims of an accident or some unforeseen illness. They are called first aid because they represent the first care that is offered to people who present some type of difficulty and who, due to their characteristics, are capable of saving their lives.

It is important to note that the agencies responsible for providing assistance to people are: the red cross, firefighters, police, etc.