That “healthy” is what, according to the benefit it brings to the body and its functioning, can positively affect the human body. In the same way, this adjective can be used in those people who, due to their lifestyle and diet, are in good health and have a healthy appearance. Other uses of the word refer to that which is simply full of benefits for something or someone. This word can be used as a synonym for healthy, that which does not present injuries, illnesses or negative conditions. The healthy not only refers to what is tangible, such as food, but can also refer to moods, such as worry, anxiety, among others.

Generally, what is healthy is related to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, in addition to constant exercise and sporadic medical check-ups. Experts recommend that, to maintain a balanced and happy life, it is important to take care of one’s own, to polish the potential that one possesses. This is possible with determination and the guidance of health and nutrition experts, who will determine the best options to follow regarding the changes to be made. In the process, objects and foods considered healthy will be included.

People who act without negative intentions or malice are called insane people. Likewise, everything that can positively influence a person can also receive the adjective healthy. In popular parlance, the expression “cut to the chase” refers to confronting a problem or conflict peacefully, promoting dialogue.